Mix, drinks, recipes with Gin

Mix, drinks, recipes with Gin. The ultimate guide to mixed drinks and cocktails. Drink recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks with photographs, mixing suggestions, and tips on tending bar. Collection of cocktail and party drink recipes.

Fifty-Fifty recipe

A simple and easy delicious bar drink recipe for Fifty-Fifty, with gin, dry vermouth and olive.Ingredients:1 1/2 oz gin1 1/2 oz dry vermouth1 oliveMixing instructions/directions/method:In a mixing glass half-filled with ... Read more

Fino Martini recipe

Fino Martini, with gin, fino sherry and lemon.Ingredients:2 1/2 oz gin1 1/2 tsp fino sherry1 twist lemon peelMixing instructions/directions/method:In a mixing glas half-filled with ice cubes, combine the gin or vodka ... Read more

Fireworks recipe

Fireworks, with Champagne, gin and tangerine schnapps.Ingredients:4 oz Champagne1/3 oz gin1/2 oz tangerine schnappsMixing instructions/directions/method:Pour into a champagne flute, garnish with a twist of orange, and ... Read more

First Love recipe

First Love, with Champagne, gin, sugar and cherry heering.Ingredients:2/3 oz Champagne1/3 oz gin1 tsp sugar2 dashes cherry heeringMixing instructions/directions/method:Pour the champagne, gin, sugar and cherry heering ... Read more

First Nighter recipe

A good and fast bar mixed drink recipe for First Nighter, with gin, Dubonnet® Blanc vermouth, maraschino liqueur and dry sparkling wine.Ingredients:1/2 oz gin1 tsp Dubonnet® Blanc vermouth1 tsp maraschino ... Read more

Fitzgerald recipe

Fitzgerald, with gin, simple syrup, lemon juice and Angostura® bitters.Ingredients:1 1/2 oz gin1 oz simple syrup3/4 oz fresh lemon juice2 dashes Angostura® bittersMixing instructions/directions/method:Shake all ... Read more

Five in the Morning recipe

A simple and easy delicious bar drink recipe for Five in the Morning, with rum, gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec, orange juice and sweet and sour mix.Ingredients:3/4 oz rum3/4 oz gin3/4 oz vodka3/4 oz tequila3/4 oz ... Read more

Flamingo Cocktail recipe

A good and delicious bar mix drink recipe for Flamingo Cocktail, with apricot brandy, gin, limes and grenadine syrup.Ingredients:1/2 oz apricot brandy1 1/2 oz gin juice of 1/2 limes1 tsp grenadine syrupMixing ... Read more

Fleet Street recipe

Fleet Street, with gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, triple sec and lemon juice.Ingredients:1 1/2 oz gin1/2 oz sweet vermouth1 tsp dry vermouth1 tsp triple sec1 tsp lemon juiceMixing instructions/directions/method:In a ... Read more

Flip Juice recipe

A good and fast bar mixed drink recipe for Flip Juice, with gin, Mountain Dew® citrus soda, orange juice and lemon juice.Ingredients:1/5 part gin2 liters Mountain Dew® citrus soda1 qt orange juice1/2 cup lemon ... Read more