Mix, drinks, recipes with hawaiian punch

Mix, drinks, recipes with hawaiian punch. The ultimate guide to mixed drinks and cocktails. Drink recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks with photographs, mixing suggestions, and tips on tending bar. Collection of cocktail and party drink recipes.

Ganja Juice recipe

Ganja Juice, with vodka, Gatorade® energy drink, Hawaiian punch, orange juice and 7-Up® soda.Ingredients:1 L vodka32 oz Gatorade® energy drink40 oz Hawaiian punch1 qt orange juice1 L 7-Up® sodaMixing ... Read more

Gator Juice recipe

A simple and easy delicious bar drink recipe for Gator Juice, with vodka, raspberry schnapps, DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker schnapps, fruits and Hawaiian punch.Ingredients:1/2 gal vodka1 fifth raspberry schnapps1 ... Read more

Green Demon #2 recipe

A good and fast bar mixed drink recipe for Green Demon #2, with Bacardi® Limon rum and Hawaiian punch.Ingredients:4 oz Bacardi® Limon rum8 oz green Hawaiian punchMixing instructions/directions/method:Pour the ... Read more

Hallenbeck Punch recipe

A good and fast bar mixed drink recipe for Hallenbeck Punch, with Everclear® alcohol, vodka, Hawaiian punch, Canada Dry® ginger ale and rainbow sherbert.Ingredients:3/4 liter bottle Everclear® alcohol1.75 ... Read more

Hard Core Hunch Punch recipe

A simple and easy delicious bar drink recipe for Hard Core Hunch Punch, with lime juice, lemon juice, grain alcohol, vodka, ginger ale, Hawaiian punch and orange juice.Ingredients:4 oz lime juice4 oz lemon juice1/2 pint ... Read more

Hawaiian Passion recipe

Hawaiian Passion, with Hennessy® cognac and Hawaiian punch.Ingredients:1/2 oz Hennessy® cognac1 oz Hawaiian punchMixing instructions/directions/method:Stir both ingredients together in a mixing glass with a few ... Read more

Hawaiian Punch recipe

Hawaiian Punch, with rum, vodka, amaretto almond liqueur, creme de bananes, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine syrup.Ingredients:1/2 oz rum1/2 oz vodka1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur1/2 oz creme de bananes2 oz ... Read more

Hawaiian Russian recipe

Hawaiian Russian, with vodka, Hawaiian punch, pineapple juice and Sprite® soda.Ingredients:2 oz vodka1 oz Hawaiian punch1 oz pineapple juice1 oz Sprite® sodaMixing instructions/directions/method:Stir ingredients ... Read more

Heaven on Earth recipe

A good and fast bar mixed drink recipe for Heaven on Earth, with vodka and Hawaiian punch.Ingredients:3 oz vodka8 oz Hawaiian punchMixing instructions/directions/method:Pour both ingredients into a highball glass, stir ... Read more